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Friday, 6 September 2013

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2 Professors Who Reputed University of Defense in France.


The word Guy Teissier, President of the Commission of National Defense and the Armed Forces of the National Assembly

Last year in Toulouse, the 5th edition of the Summer University of Defense was an opportunity for us to address the problem of space, which has emerged as one of the innovative features of New White Paper on Defence and National Security, especially in this "knowledge and anticipation" function. This year we find ourselves logically Saint-Malo to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Franco-British declaration on European defense 4 December 1998. 

On this occasion, the Heads of State and Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and France had proclaimed for the first time that the European Union should be able to play a role internationally and should be able to rely on strengthened armed forces that can react rapidly to new risks and rely on industrial and technological base of competitive and strong defense. 

Thus, the 6th edition of the Summer University will open this year a true strategic thinking capability but also in terms of vision and ambition, following recommendations made ​​by the new White Paper. As such, it is to define the guidelines that will be taken in the coming months, particularly with regard to General Review of Public Policies (RGPP) and Military Planning Law (LPM). Ten years after Saint-Malo, we wonder about the expectations and hopes of European defense, through a reflection on the operational capability, technological and industrial strategy of Europe, within the framework of the French Presidency of the EU. We also discuss the renewal of relations between France and NATO, raising the question of our commitment to the Organization, which is central to the future of our defense

. Finally, the reunion will be for Britain us the opportunity to address the issue of ocean space, and in particular the issue of securing maritime approaches and supplies, through a global vision of crises. As such, I would like to thank my friend and colleague M . René COUANAU, deputy mayor of Saint-Malo, making us the honor to welcome us to his city for this event we will remove all, I am convinced that a great benefit. bet that the context of reforms particularly rich defense fully nourish our thinking, and we will deal with discernment and insight issues of defense tomorrow. 

The word Josselin de Rohan, President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Armed Forces of the Senate

Allowed in Britain for its 6th edition, the Summer University of Defense is naturally placed this year in a dual sign:

- That of Europe, first, ten years after the Franco-British declaration of Saint-Malo, which allowed the development of the European security and defense as we know it today.

- That the maritime dimension of defense policy then takes on a new importance because of concerns about security approaches and sea routes.

Of course, the new guidelines set by the White Paper on defense and national security will be in the background of our thoughts this year, both in terms of strategic priorities that evolution means and cooperation at European level and Allied. This new Summer University is mid term review of the French Presidency of the European Union, one of the priorities is the revival and deepening of the ESDP. How, in light of this new situation, allow France and Europe to cope with consistency and efficiency, the challenges of a world that has not become safer and security needs of our people? We hope that the free and direct exchanges which, since its inception, the originality of this University, will provide food for thought for all responses, French and European parliamentarians, officials from the Ministry of Defence and industry. In warmly thanking the city of Saint-Malo, our host, Navy, DCNS, as well as companies in the French defense industry, and for many of them European course, my hope that our work rich, fruitful and useful especially in view of the forthcoming parliamentary scrutiny of military planning law.


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